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Office goers or commuters who live nearby and have a common destination falls into the category of ‘carpool’ arrangement. In simple terms ‘carpooling’ is cost saving, particularly for those commuters who travel long distances from their residence to office everyday. It is beneficial for those individuals who have limited access to public and private transportation.

Different CARPOOL categories :

(i)  CARPOOL with assigned driver

This carpool comprises of one driver with more than one passengers. The vehicle is solely owned by the driver and the passenger pays the fare monthly, weekly, or on a daily basis. This fare includes the fuel, maintenance and parking of the vehicle.

(ii) Optional CARPOOLing

Optional carpooling in simple term means ‘pay when you drive’ and ‘ride free of cost’.

In this type of carpooling driving is on a rotation basis, either daily, weekly or monthly.

You are charged when you drive or else it is free of cost.

(iii) CARPOOL by employer

Employer encourage the employees to use the company vehicle for commuting from office to residence. Employees pay the fare for fuel, maintenance and insurance cost.

This type of carpooling is mutually beneficial to both the employer and employee.

(iv) CARPOOL program

In certain carpool programs, agencies provide commuters and vehicles to travel to and from office, school or work. Fare is generally decided on the kilometers covered and the maintenance of the vehicle.


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