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Benefits of CARPOOL

There are certain advantages while commuting from origination (office / home / inter city / inter state) to destination (office / home / inter city / inter state) with carpooling.

Some of the advantages are mentioned below:

(i)  Feeling of Relaxation

Since 100 years there has been a massive change in the means of communication. Gone are the days when people used to travel by horse cart or foot. Today the roads are occupied by cars, two wheelers and three wheelers. The greatest advantage of carpooling is the feeling of relaxation while reaching to office. You don’t need to struggle all the way driving to office and feel relaxed - No Parking / Traffic tensions. The feeling of relaxation rejuvenates you to start your work natural fresh.

(iI)  CARPOOLing a money saver

According to the our daily needs, an office goers spends approx. Rs. 300/- per day while commuting to office on a daily basis covering approximately 60 km. Annually he spends approx Rs. 90,000/- covering 18000km. The total cost includes fuel, parking and maintenance of the vehicle. Carpooling can drastically reduce the cost incurred on these basic necessities and save a large amount.

(iii)  CARPOOLing is Environment Friendly

A major set back due to increase in automobiles is ‘environment degradation’. Increase in the number of vehicles is affecting our atmosphere. Air pollution is the major environmental issue causing ‘global warming’. There is a rise in lung ailments among individuals further deteriorating their health.

Carpooling, reduces the inflow of automobiles in the road by traveling in groups rather than alone. This helps in reducing the pollution from the atmosphere.

(iii)  CARPOOLing saves from traffic chaos

Carpooling, reduces the inflow of automobiles on the road by traveling in groups due to which there is less traffic on roads with compare to non pooling. In this drive we demand & expect co-operation from our Traffic controlling authorities / Traffic Police, these organization plays a major role in this drive.


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